Our Story

ETX LEGENDS Coffee Co. was born out of the journey that Owners Ben and Amanda Holmes have walked through, and continue to walk through, together. From Ben’s years of service in the Marine Corps and into his transition as a Law Enforcement Officer, he refused to let his PTSD define him.
Through a period of looking inward and finding his true purpose, Ben left Law Enforcement and made a career change into ranching. With Amanda's support, they made the decision to uproot their family and move to a Ranch in East Texas, also known as "ETX"!
It is here, over many conversations and cups of coffee, where they have continued to explore their re-defined purpose under the principle that life is too short to be ordinary. Centered around their faith, family and their community, their hope is that you reflect and engage in conversations that lead you to live out your purpose, one cup of coffee at a time.